Events & Conferences

Events & Conferences (Sound recordist-Production sound mixer-Technician)

It is essential for audience physically or virtually present at a conference or event to be able to experience high quality sound in order to clearly hear, understand and participate in the discussions taking place. Setting up, running and recording of conferences and events requires experienced sound engineers with a good understanding and knowledge of what is necessary in each separate occasion. We have provided sound services for:

  • Community events
  • Talks
  • Meetings
  • Weddings
  • Charity shows
  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Fashion shows
  • Theatrical performances

Whatever event you are planning, from a talk or presentation to large conference and other event, from a small group of people to several hundreds, We can provide sound equipment and services for all your audio needs including sound mixers, speakers, microphones, CD players, headphones events and conventions, get in touch to discuss your audio requirements.