IP Network crew

The IP Network has an extended database with some of the best professional camera and sound crew, which can cover all your filming needs. Our crewmembers have many years of professional experience on a wide range of filming productions and environments, can think creatively and provide solutions on the spot, have great communication skills and are familiar with the latest formats and technologies. The IP Network was created to provide the right solutions tailored to your specific production requirements.






Job opportunities 

The IP Network is looking for enthusiastic professional camera and sound crew, producers and directors for on location and post-production services. If you would like to collaborate with our network of professionals and clients, feel free to contact us.

This job opportunity does not apply to entry-level crewmembers. We are looking for crewmembers with at least 4 years of professional experience with their own equipment kit that are fluent in English and with basic knowledge of the Greek language.

Please apply only by e-mailing info [ at ] adding your name and the department (i.e. camera, sound) that you are interested in.